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These great Science Fiction Adventure books make wonderful gifts for the readers in your life (or just to read by yourself).  I’ll make it easy.

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Henry Melton
Science Fiction

Young Adult Science Fiction.  High school aged main characters, with the stories starting out in small towns in the current day.  Each is stand-alone novel, where the our heroes are confronted with the unknown, and take that extra step off into adventure.

This is a big story, covering many ages, and a large cast of characters for the general science fiction audience.  Beginning in present-day Austin, Texas, it stretches a couple of thousand years into ages where the Solar System is re-engineered, and humanity finds its place in the universe.

Beginning with Star Time.

To be honest, this should be called “Miscellaneous Tales”.  It’s a marketing banner for those stories who don’t quite fit the above two categories, and who deserve to be given their own place to shine.

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